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Best Eyebrow Arching In North York

Arched eyebrows give you a more defined and accentuated look. And they are professional and funky at the same time. The frame they create for your eyes is better than straight brows. Because straight brows are shaped in a way they look just groomed. On the other hand, arched eyebrows form a neat overline on the upper edge of your eyes. Lifted eyebrows are found to be more expressive and attractive. And arched eyebrows give permanent illusions of raised eyebrows. Salon Palais is one of the best places in North York to get your eyebrows done. With expert facilities, they are extremely adept at giving you the best eyebrow makeover.

The experts of Salon Palais believe that eyebrows are one of the most overlooked features of one’s face until it comes to make-up. Well-groomed eyebrows are better in so many ways. They easily help you in accentuating your eyes. They clear the distraction from your face when they are groomed properly. They easily make you look younger and your face more defined. At Salon Palis, the experts provide you with various choices for eyebrow arching. They help you in finding the right shape and length to shape your brows to accentuate the feature. Some of the brow shapes popularly advertised at our salon are given below.

  • Middle Arches – After the extra eyebrow hairs are removed and with the instruction for the thickness of the brows are consulted with you, the eyebrows are raised. The bows are raised from the centre and are led to fall on the other edge in a seamless flow.
  • Subtle Arches – If you are too scared to experiment, this one’s for you. The brows are barely raised but are rounded pretty well. This is one of the most commonly chosen arched eyebrow types for professional looks.
  • High-Arches – This is the most trendy arch eyebrow type at the moment. They feature your eyes excellently and accentuate your eye color greatly. It also accentuates the cheekbones and gives your blush area more attraction.

Salon Palais is one of the leading salons in the North York locality. They provide styling services with expert professionals. The professionals of Salon Palais are significantly known for their experience and excellent customer service. Our eyebrow arching services are of premium quality as we put our client’s insights first. Our services are affordable and worth the investment you make, as we strive to provide the best makeovers.


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