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Best Eyebrow Care & Maintenance In  North York

Eyebrows play a very crucial role in the face of a person. You can get an idea of how crucial they are by simply imagining your face without them. Yeah! It is horrific. With this, you might have understood the importance of taking care of your eyebrows. This is something you will certainly not want to experiment with.

Eyebrow trimming is something that should be done by professionals, one wrong move and you are doomed. Thus, we ensure that you get the best eyebrow care services at a very affordable rate. Eyebrows need a lot of care and maintenance, which should be handled properly. The team who operated and styles are very talented with skills that can not be beaten. We host proper training and workshop sessions to ensure that they are updated with the latest techniques and trends.

The services that we offer are premium and the standard of the products is maintained while giving you an option to choose the company you desire. From eyebrow trimming to eyebrow dyeing, we have it all under one roof. When you visit us we will make sure that we make you understand the necessary steps that you should take to maintain healthy eyebrows.

Not only do the eyebrows deserve to be cared for but also for the area surrounding them. The necessity of taking care of it and the nourishment it requires. Also, we will suggest not go for different shapes, rather fix one shape of the eyebrow according to your face shape. Make sure to wash the area and then moisturize it.

Also, some people want a certain type of shape, this too can be achieved with the help of our professionals who will not only understand your requirements but will also be capable enough to deliver them to provide you with the desired results. We also offer the clients a chance to discuss their issues so that they can avail what they desire.

In this industry people generally confuse trends, they think that what is in trend will suit them. but all personalities are different and everything will not look good on every individual. Thus, we make sure that we help you discover the best of everything for you and then do our best to provide you with the best final look. Salon Palais works with a motive if you ask, we serve.

Eyebrows being a very intricate part, we make sure that you know what you are getting before starting the work. We even suggest alternatives so that you don’t make a wrong decision. Once you get your eyebrows done, you’ll have to wait for them to grow to their maximum potential, if you want to make changes.
We are the best for all your requirements, with people who are enthusiastic about their jobs and have a lot of talent and potential to deliver you with the best. So, if you are in need of these services, call us and book an appointment.


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Excellent staff and

- Danley Johnson

Sandra is the best but watch out for that Ren guy! Lol j/k he’s also great!

- Junior S

Very professional, stylist very experienced and Finnish in a timely manner

- Patricia Brown-Miller

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