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There is a tremendous increase in getting your hair dyed with different shades to change your look for the better. While there are many ways and options to color your hair, you will always find experts suggesting that you should get them done by professionals. This is not because they want to promote someone, but because the professionals are trained in the field and have the right knowledge to pull off the task. From helping you choose the aptest color for your hair, to helping you in maintaining it for a longer duration of time, the professionals are well aware of all the steps.

What Salon Palais offers you, is this and a lot more. We are a service-providing team, that came together with the motive of providing people with the best hair care services. One such premium service that we can offer you is that of hair coloring. We have the best team for getting your hair colored.
From the partial highlights to proper hair coloring, we have it all for you. Our hairstylists have a great understanding of the colors and provide you with what you want. They will not only understand your demands but will also suggest to you the best options to choose from. Coloring is not just limited to getting your hair dyed with the required color. But there is a range of steps that are required to be followed with them.

Selecting the right color for your hair seems the toughest job to you, but that’s not it. The most difficult task is to take care of the dyed hair. Also, if you are getting a drastic change, many steps involving a lot of pre-treatments. For example, a person with raven hair getting their hair dyed to silver will need bleaching and after the coloring will require a lot of care. We provide this all to you.
We work on the principle you ask us to deliver. You want partial highlights, we have it, you want dyed hair, we have it, you want highlights in dyed hair, we have it. Thus, whatever you want, we have it all for you. With that, we have the best pricing with both affordability and fairness.
Not only this, but we also provide you with consultation time, we give you enough time with your hairstylist so that you can discuss the required topics before getting your work done. Quality is something we will never compromise at any cost. We take pride in the superiority of our services. the products we use for the coloring process are of the best quality and we provide you a range of companies to choose from. Even if you require the required shampoo or conditioning after the coloring, we have it all for you.

Once you experience our services, we are very much sure that you will be amazed by the quality and level of comfort you receive. So, if you too are obsessing over a new hair color or some highlights, get yourself booked. This can be done with just a call, and why not, when you get the best quality services from professionals.


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Excellent staff and

- Danley Johnson

Sandra is the best but watch out for that Ren guy! Lol j/k he’s also great!

- Junior S

Very professional, stylist very experienced and Finnish in a timely manner

- Patricia Brown-Miller

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