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Best Permanent Color Treatment In North York

Hairdos are as important as getting a haircut. A haircut gives you the texture and length you need. But hairdos give you opportunities to experiment and change the hairstyle according to the occasion. And when it comes to coloring your hair, it could greatly highlight your entire haircut and the potential hairdos you will be doing. There are so many options for coloring your hair. And this obviously gets you into a pool of confusion. So, where do you go from here? And that is when you need experts like the ones from Salon Palais. They are the most adept hair care professionals from the North York locality to help you with hair care and coloring treatments.

There are plenty of reasons to add some color to your hair. Hair color is like a tinge of sunshine poured over your head. It adds an illusion of natural volume and shine to your hair. The layers of color also make your hair stronger than before. It is also important to note that hair color could elevate your entire look. Experts at Salon Palais believe that hair coloring at no point should cost your hair volume or texture. And that is why our services are top-notch when it comes to quality in the products we use. Our permanent color treatment and other hair color treatments include,

  • Highlights and Treatment – Highlights added to your hair strands following bleaching is one of our primary hair color services. Tints of shade are added to your bleached and oxidized hair. The highlights added beautifies your natural hair color.
  • Permanent Color and Treatment – These are long-lasting treatment. The color added to your hair through oxidation and ammonia or ammonia-free contents make sure to hold the color in your hair permanently.
  • Semi-Permanent Color – This is a technique that stays in the middle. These are temporary coloring that stays on your hair for a maximum of 6 weeks. The added color slowly progresses to wash away every time you wash your hair.

Our services aim to provide the best quality products to work on your hair throughout the session and all the time. Our hairstylists are very renowned for their customer service and for their years of experience. When it comes to hair coloring, Salon Palais provides valuable insight on choosing the right color according to the customer’s face shape and other facial features. With all the services provided, our services are very cost-efficient and trustworthy.


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