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Best Shampoo And Hair Treatment In North York

Hair Loss has become one of the most predominant conditions for this generation. People who move places and the victims of the hustle culture face heavy hair loss conditions. From alopecia to complete balding, this has become the most sufferable condition. At Salon Palais located in North York, we often see customers who are suffering from the same. Salon Palais strive to provide the best solutions to them.

Find out the texture of your hair. And when you do, switch to a new selection of shampoos and conditioners. When haircare products are brought according to the texture of your hair, the personalized effect shows. Also, make sure to see the amount of natural products’ concentration in it. If there are too many chemicals in the ingredients, remember it is a no-no. Some of the preferable ingredients in your shampoos and conditioners are jojoba, almond, coconut extracts, ginseng and more. Following hair care treatments like straightening or hair coloring, adapt to shampoos that will keep your hair hydrated. And also remember to invest in dry shampoos.

The shampoo and hair treatment services provided at Salon Palais include,

  • Shampoo and Press – This is a technique where a thorough shampooing is followed by blow-drying and falt-ironing of your hair. This is one of the most sought after shampoo treatments that enhances the silky texture of your hair.
  • Shampoo and Braids – Dry shampooing and braiding are another sought after service of our saloon. We make braiding look so easy. Instead of the long and laborious overnight shampooing and oiling process, we fit it within our sessions. Our braiding is great and does not leave your hair dehydrated at any point.
  • Shampoo and Treatments – This technique involves a long shampooing session. Following this, the conditioning of the hair is proceeded with. This is to enhance the rot strength of your hair as it tends to the damaged roots. Therapeutic hair creams are applied over the scalp and hair ends. And lastly, the wet hair is steamed for a few minutes.
  • Relaxer and Treatment – A relaxer treatment is a chemically induced treatment where the texture of the curls is brought to control. They are relaxed and straightened permanently.

The professional hairstylists in our salon are some of the most popular professionals in the North York locality. These experts are very adept in the services they provide and provide the best customer services. For the customers that suffer from the previously mentioned hair conditions, they also recommend the right hair products for regular use. Even with all the excellent customer services, our services are very affordable.


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