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On the surface, a hairstyle doesn’t seem like the most important feature of a person. But it’s often a very take-it-for-granted kind of topic. Sometimes the trend of the season diverts the choices or a crazy experimentation session goes awry. To avoid that you need professional help. Experts from Salon Palis in North York are some of the most sought after professionals who offer expert opinions. If you are from or closer to the locality, they could offer expert hair service and bring your hair back to life. And these professionals understand their assignment when it comes to giving you a hairstyle. With so many years of experience, they take their customer’s insight very seriously.

So, how do you pick the right hairstyle for you? Research does some meaningful help. Talk with our expert hair stylists. Their insight and experience will greatly help you achieve the dream look you aspire to acquire. They help you achieve the dream look that compliments the shape and features of your face. And make sure to play with your length and texture. Experimentation is not always a bad thing. Especially when it comes to enhancing your hair texture, our stylists would greatly help you. And the length is something you can always play with. If you are scared to cut your hair too short, you can always decide on an average length.

The hair cuts services provided at Salon Palais include,

  • Hair cut for kids – From kids of age 1-12 years are provided with haircut services of certain styles. And kids from age 13-17 are provided with services of certain haircut styles.
  • Hair cut for men – For men there are a lot of varieties of haircuts. Haircutting and shaving services are also available. Line-up cuts are a speciality at Salon Palis. Line-up cuts and shaving services are available too. Other design cuts for men are also part of our haircut services for men.
  • Hair treatments for women – Several different hair treatments are available for women. This includes shampooing and braiding. Hair coloring treatments are also available at our salon for women.

Salon Palais provides you with the best haircut, depending on your insights of it being professional or funky. Our experts also work in proving the customers with the best hair care advice. When it comes to experimenting, our experts patiently work with you. Salon Palis is popularly known for its top-notch customer service including our services in eyebrow arching, hair coloring and hairstyling. With appealing offers, all our services are very affordable and worth your money.


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Excellent staff and

- Danley Johnson

Sandra is the best but watch out for that Ren guy! Lol j/k he’s also great!

- Junior S

Very professional, stylist very experienced and Finnish in a timely manner

- Patricia Brown-Miller

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