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Hair Color Tips For Blond And Silver Hair

Getting hair colored is far easier than maintaining them in good shape. Thus, to help you get some good tips and tricks, we came up with the idea of this blog. In this blog, we will be sharing a list of tips and tricks for colored hair, especially for those dyed in blond and silver.

Tips For Blond Hair

Blond color is something many fascinate about while getting your hair color turned blond is easier, the things which are required to take care increases. So, here are some tips to help you get the best results with your bold hair.

  • There are many shades available in blond too. Thus, it becomes a very tricky job to choose the app test one. To make this task easier, we will advise you to choose the color which complements your skin color. The role of your skin color is indicated than you can think of.
  • While you change your hair color to blond, you can still go with highlights. The right color of the highlights and the areas you get them can bring a tremendous change in your look.
  • The one must key, is to use the blog recommended shampoo and conditioner. These will not only protect your hair color but will also provide the right type of treatment your hair will be needing.
  • The next very important tip will be to minimize the use of heat on your hair. You can go with other styling methods instead of the heating zones.

Tips For Silver Hair

The silver hair color is very tricky and needs a lot of care and commitment. The silver hair color is more about care than anything else. If you don’t take proper care after the hair coloring, there are many chances that they will start fading into yellow, making your hair look odd. So, we are about to pull some tips out for you. Use of purple shampoo. This will be an excellent color corrector.  Use of a hair mask. However busy you are, try to make some time to give your hair the required treatment. Taking a hair mask once a week can keep your hair color in a good place. Use sulfate-free shampoo. Sulfate removes the color very fast, added to what frequent washing does. So, while you have your hair dyed silver, avoid washing your hair frequently and not with sulfated shampoo.

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