Eyebrow Arching

The Art of Eyebrow Arching

Why Are Arched Eyebrows Better?

Arched eyebrows give you a more defined and accentuated look. They are sharper. And they are professional and funky at the same time. The frame they create for your eyes is better than straight brows. Because straight brows are shaped in a way they look just groomed. On the other hand, arched eyebrows form a neat overline on the upper edge of your eyes. Usually, lifted eyebrows are found to be more expressive and attractive. If you are a fan of watching runway shows, you might always find models with a raised eyebrow look. Arched eyebrows give permanent illusions of raised eyebrows. If you would like to have more insight and get yourself the best type of arched eyebrow, the North York hair stylists are the best to help you with it.

The Elegance Of The Eyebrows

Eyebrows are one of the most overlooked features of one’s face until it comes to make-up. Well-groomed eyebrows are better in so many ways. They easily help you in accentuating your eyes. They clear the distraction from your face when they are groomed properly. They easily make you look younger and your face more defined. Accentuated eyebrows as a result of grooming, redefine your facial features and your normal look. They bring an overall balance along with the rest of your facial features. And importantly, they give your eyes a sharp look to make you have more eye contact and hold an upper hand in conversations.

Types Of Arched Eyebrows

  • Middle Arches – After the extra eyebrow hairs are removed and with the instruction for the thickness of the brows are consulted with you, the eyebrows are raised. The bows are raised from the centre and are led to fall on the other edge in a seamless flow.
  • Subtle Arches – If you are too scared to experiment, this one’s for you. The brows are barely raised but are rounded pretty well. This is one of the most commonly chosen arched eyebrow types for professional looks.
  • High-Arches – This is the most trendy arch eyebrow type at the moment. They feature your eyes excellently and accentuate your eye color greatly. It also accentuates the cheekbones and gives your blush area more attraction.


Eyebrows add essence to your beautiful eyes. It is important that they are traced and shaped in a way that elevates your eye. And that it also gives your face a clearer and ready-for-the-day look. Hope the article gave you enough information to decide on how you would like to shape your brows.

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